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Can I cancel or switch my date?

Yes! You have up until 4 months before your event to cancel or switch your date. For a full event cancellation, you will be refunded your security deposit, minus a $200 service fee. 

Are the courtyard and gardens included in the price?

Yes! The facility is yours to use during your event hours. 

How long do I have access to the venue for my event?

You will have full day access. The event must be ended by 11 PM, and all clean-up must conclude by 12 AM.

Is alcohol allowed?

Yes. Alcohol that is served free to your guests and does not require a liquor license is allowed. Any alcohol sales must be in compliance with all laws and sold by a licensed vendor. Events with alcohol will be charged a $300 alcohol fee. 

Is clean up included?

Clients and guests are expected to leave the facility neat and orderly as it was when they arrived.  This will ensure the return of the entire $200 cleaning deposit paid in advance of the event. Deep cleaning will be provided as part of venue rental.

What is required to book my event?

To book your event, a 20% booking deposit is required. This will go toward your total invoice. 

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