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Managers have lots of opportunities to work as much as they want with a variety of responsibilities as well as earning commision.


We go from relaxed chilled days to non-stop go, go, go days. We love people that can see what needs to be done and does it. If you are good at sales and can get people to book with us you are a bonus! You can do all the things a planning assistant does and much more! If this all sounds like you send us a resume and lets chat. We can't wait to have you apart of our team!

Content Creator

Create content for social media

Taking pictures and videos with your phone at events

If you have a great TikTok video for our socials we love to hear your ideas and have you help us put them into effect

Day Maker

  • There are some events we plan for them. These are long days where we are running around anticipating everything for the bride and groom.

  • Serving food, playing music, prepping food, setting up tables and chairs, set up decorations and anything else that is involved with a wedding you do it.

Set Up Crew

  • Some people use our exclusive services. We help put that into effect.

  • set up and take down of tables and chairs

  • set up lights

  • bring out any of the décor  or other items them may have rented

  • we often have miscellaneous things you can do at the venue as well such as organizing, cleaning, gardening etc. If you think of anything you would like to help with we are open to new ideas. The limit is your imagination. You chose how involved you would like to be.

Host Duties

  • Show up at the beginning of an event to ensure everything is in place, clean and answer any questions they may have.

  • Show up towards the end of the event to restock and assist with anything they need. 


  • Answer any messages we receive with the goal in mind to get them to book with us at Riverwoods

  • Reach out to any clients week of with all their information for the event

  • Reach out to clients of previous week for reviews and thanking them for their time.


  • We need lots and lots of exposure, hosting events like fairs, fundraiser, photoshoots ect. help us get there. If you have an idea for an event we want to run with it and we believe in your capability to run with it

Event Planner

  • Meetings with the Bride and Groom often to discuss and arrange their wedding for the big day.

  • Call vendors to arrange meetings and/or to book their event.

  • Schedule planning assistants for the big day

  • Organize the entire day and act as Day of Coordinator

  • EMC, Organize the music and announce changes to their next event.

  • Plan an entire event by yourself and get commission


  • Tours are every Monday evening and special random days for those that Monday cant accommodate. 80% of those that come and tour book with us. We need to keep that percentage  or go higher. Show them around and convince them we are the only one for them

  • If you can bring in clientele all on your own and get them to book you get commission for them!

Wedding Table Setup

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